Science-Approved: How much does “Face Yoga” make you younger?

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Science-Approved: How much does “Face Yoga” make you younger?

Previous studies have suggested that those who regularly do facial yoga or facial muscle exercises can indeed look younger. In a recent small study, researchers worked with 27 middle-aged women (ages 40 to 65) and performed 32 facial exercises, including smiling and cheek-pulls. After this training, the participants did these exercises at home every day, for 30 minutes a day, for eight weeks. In the ninth week of the study, 30 minutes of exercise per day of the participants decreased to three or four days a week and continued in this way for 20 weeks.

Photographs were taken of the participants before they started the exercises and at the end of the study, and many doctors have used these photos to assess signs of aging on the face and neck. The grading doctors also do not know which photo was taken before and which after, and they also estimated the age of the person in the photo.

At the end of 20 weeks, the participants' cheek fullness scored better on average than when they started the study. In other words, the participants' cheeks appeared fuller after 20 weeks of facial exercise regimen.

This change in cheek fullness made the participants look even younger. The grading doctors found that the participants looked three years younger when compared to the previous situation. (Mean age was 48.1 years after the exercises and 50.8 years before the exercises).

In an email to Live Science, Dr. Murad Alam, professor and vice president of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and co-author of the study, found that "non-invasive, non-toxic, and at-home exercises have the potential to slow or correct loss of facial appearance and volume." wrote that. Alam said that facial attractiveness and youthfulness can be associated with a soft and full face contour and stated that even a small improvement would be a benefit for patients.

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by Margaret Ellington | October 11, 2022

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